How to Organize Your Tiny Bathroom

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As many other city lovers know, it costs an arm and a leg to live in the smallest apartment – which is just my case.

Although my apartment may be less than 400 square feet… it sure is a space I have grown to love. It is possible that it is the smallest bathroom I’ve ever stepped foot in, but ya gotta make it work with what ya got!

When working with a tiny space I believe that displaying majority of your items (in the right way!) is the best way to keep the space from feeling cluttered. This shelving ladder from Amazon was the perfect size and exactly what I was looking for.

Tip 1: Display Your Favorite Items/Products in an Organized Way

The top shelf of this ladder was perfect for showing off items that I use most often or that I don’t want stashed away in a box. Having the stuff you use most often displayed also allows for quick and easy access. A few the items that I have displayed are:

• A little Wisconsin trinket dish where I keep my every day rings and bracelets to grab each morning

• My wet brush and comb in a cute mason jar for quick access

• My bobby pins I transferred from the boring ol’ cardboard to a cute glass jar with a cork top that I reused from a necklace I received in my FabFitFun summer box

Cute lip tints that are shaped like a wine bottle that I just couldn’t let sit in a drawer or bag

• A generic candle (because it would be silly for a candle to be on any other shelf)

bathroom display area

Tip 2: Use Baskets to Store Items You Don’t Use Often

I love, love, love baskets and use them in every corner (literally) of my apartment and the bathroom was not going to be an exception! The next two shelves I picked up some baskets from Target, of course. The first one was from the dollar section and was the perfect size for keeping my perfumes, lotions, face masks, skin care, etc perfectly organized and I can quickly see and grab what product I’m looking for.

If your sink is like mine with no underneath storage area, you gotta get creative with how to display the stuff that you don’t exactly want to display. On the ladder I added a cute lidded basket that holds items that I don’t need/want displayed like first aid, feminine products, medication, etc.

Toilet paper is another one of those somethings that I would prefer to be hidden in the bathroom but I got another basket (probably from Target, it’s old) and put my extra rolls in that next to the toilet.

Another example to show that display baskets are awesome and show you exactly what you have and how close you are to running out!
Tip 3: Utilize the Space You DO Have and Work With What Ya Got

Before tossing things out, take a step back and get creative. Think about the different uses you could get out of this particular item before discarding it and heading to the store to spend money on something you may already have.

For the longest time I had all of my nail polish and its counterparts in a bag that eventually lead to nail polish leaking all over and causing everything stuck together. I used another basket I got as a gift (Target dollar section if I had to guess) and organized my polish so I no longer had to deal with the leakage and perfectly good polish going to waste.


Of course I wanted everything else that goes with nail polish to look cute and fit in this basket too so I found an old spice container and washed that sucker out and now I have the cutest nail polish container.

Focusing on towels – rolling them into little burritos is the perfect way to add more space. For example, my towels fit nicely rolled on the bottom shelf of my ladder. I think that rolling towels gives off a much cuter vibe than simply folding them (not hatin’ on the folding method, though!).

Tip 4: Keep it Fun

And lastly, have a little fun with the space. Not everything needs to be so serious and put together, right?

 I added this piece of wall art to hang up right near the light switch. Amazon killin’ it with the win again.


What are your bathroom must-have’s? Let me know below!




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