Organizing Your Cluttered Closet

Hi guys! Hope you all had a great thanksgiving spent with your loved ones and a nice long break from work!

Over this past weekend, I spent an entire day (and I really mean the entire day) helping my grandma clean out and organize her closet that desperately needed it.

Organizing Your Cluttered Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |

This is something that she has been meaning to do for the longest time but never got around to it because: “she didn’t know where to start”, “it was too overwhelming”, and my most favorite one, “this may come back in style you just never know.”

BUT, we’ve all been there, 🙋🏼 don’t lie.

So, I bit the bullet and decided I was going to MAKE this closet clean-out happen once and for all.


Organizing Your Cluttered Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |
Organizing Your Cluttered Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |

“Changing lifestyle habits acquired over many years is often extremely difficult” – Marie Kondo

CUE. MIMOSAS. This sure calmed my grandma down a bit and I just, you know, really love mimosas.

I never in my life have seen a person with so many clothes (Gram, if you’re reading this, don’t hate me). I mean like an excessive amount of clothes from ancient old to brand spankin’ new. There is no way she could even see all the clothes she had way back there!

Organizing Your Cluttered Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |

First things first: Take Everything Out

From all my experiences in cleaning out closets, this is the only way you will succeed. Throughout The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, she talks about the importance of holding each item individually in your hands and determining whether or not that item still brings you joy.

Organizing Your Cluttered Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle” – Marie Kondo

Next step: Putting It All Back Together

With her large walk-in closet, it was easy to give each rail it’s own clothing items, for example: tanks went on the top rail, sweaters on bottom rail, etc.

Organizing Your Cluttered Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |

One thing I would suggest not doing, is taking all of the hangers off. That was completely unnecessary. And a big pain in my ass in the end, ha.

I like to color-code my closet personally so I did that with hers: white, tan, gray, black, and then the good ol’ ROYGBIV.

(Minus that red sweater below that was clearly not put in its correct spot)

Organizing Your Cluttered Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |

Baskets are always a go-to for me, (if you haven’t noticed in any of my previous posts like this one), which I would have loved to go to the store and buy some nice new ones, we stuck with re-using ones that were already in the closet!


Including: several mimosas, an intrigued labrador pup, a fidgety toddler, a quick *delivered* McDonald’s lunch, and a few breakdowns and “don’t yell at me”’s.

Organizing Your Cluttered Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |

But it looks pretty dang good, right?

AND we got rid of 5 full garbage bags and two mighty large totes for her to donate, sell, and toss. Impressive if I do say so myself.

You 👏🏼 go 👏🏼 Gram.

Have you ever attempted the KonMari method? If so, I would love to hear some stories!

Hope this got you motived to finally bite the bullet and go nuts on your own closet. I swear it’ll lift a big weight off your shoulders.


Organizing Your Cluttered Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |

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    This is pretty awesome! I shared This on my Pinterest! I like to clean out my closet once a season after I notice I have run out of hangers to HANG my clothes, lol. But my only problem is, I clean out but don’t replace. So now I have much less clothes in my closet, a big no no for me.


      Isn’t it the worst when you run out of hangers?! That’s when I knew I had a problem haha. Sounds like you deserve a shopping spree 🙂


    I need to go through my wardrobe but the problem is i love holding onto old clothes in the hope ill wear them again!


      Ugh – the biggest problem! There’s always that *one* time we’ll wear it again right?! Usually doesn’t ever happen – for now I have my clothes that I really wanted to keep but I plan to get rid of/donate in a pile in my house and I have yet to think about any of those items. Maybe try that before completely parting with them 🙂


    I need to do this so bad! Thanks for the tips, I now know what I will be doing today 😊


      Taylor, that’s awesome! I would love to see a before and after!


    i struggle with organization. I read this article to remind me to get organizing. Thank you so much for the reminder. It has given me energy to try and try again!


      Dona, thank you for the comment! It’s always a bit overwhelming and difficult at first. To keep my closet from getting cluttered again, for a week at a time I will remove one thing from my closet each day. You could possibly start small and do that technique versus a mass clean out!


    Great blog! now i am thinking of doing this too cause it’s been awhile since the i decluttered my closet. lol thanks for sharing and reminding me! hehe ♥️ ♥️



      Thanks Tiffany!

      It’s a struggle sometimes to get started but SO rewarding and satisfying once you do it!