How To Organize Your Linen Closet

As I’ve mentioned several times, I live in a vedy, vedy small studio apartment. Which does not include a linen closet or any type of bathroom storage closet for that matter, but you can see how I “worked with what I got” over at this blog post.

BUT – my sister and her boyfriend let my organizing-obsessed self tackle different areas of their house including their not-so-good-looking linen closet.

Organizing Your Linen Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |

How did they look at this every day and not just cringe?! Unrealz.

To my sister’s defense, we are polar opposites in this category where I love baskets and keeping things all nice and neatly placed, she just likes to put things where they land and she’s a-ok with that. To each their own! But homegirl needed some help.

Here are a few steps I took in order to turn the closet from the picture above to the picture below.

1. Remove all items from the cabinets

This is something I like to do regardless of what I’m working with. It’s a nice fresh start with your space and having to put each item back in requires you to determine whether or not you need it or not (like old makeup), if it belongs in this space (the duct tape and paint spray???), and if it needs to GTFO and be thrown away (like expired medicine and empty bottles). 👋🏼

2. Figure out what you want on each shelf based on your lifestyle

The items used the least are perfect for the top shelf, which in their case was their endless supply of toilet paper. They had so much toilet paper that I even had to put some on the next shelf. Seriously, who has this much toilet paper!?

Bathroom cleaner and extra sheets were added to the next highest shelf for the same reason as above – it just makes more sense to have the items that are not frequently used up higher so you can get to your everyday essentials more easily.

3. Work with whatcha got

Although I’m a sucker for baskets on baskets, it was a very cold day in Wisconsin with cars not starting so I wasn’t about to leave their house so I made due with what they had.

I tired to separate the lower shelf in “categories”, with or without baskets. On the left hand side, I have their lotions, in the left basket are my sister’s hair and face products, the right basket is for first-aid, medicine, and other items like that, and lastly, on the right side are two rows full of hair products, rubbing alcohol, and the oddly placed but worked with the space, deodorant.

Organizing Your Linen Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |

Having extra cabinets, drawers, and closets can sometimes get overwhelming and that’s when the “I’m going to put this wherever and deal with it later but never get back around to it” phase happens. Junk drawers all over the place!

If you just take one day and tackle a few different pesky areas around your house and reorganize, I promise you will feel the biggest sigh of relief. Or, have someone like me help you out!

“Lexi was able to organize my very tiny linen closet quickly and efficiently, it was a pain to deal with (and often wouldn’t close because of the towels) but now everything is clear and visible. It makes quickly grabbing something small that much easier. Its appealing to my eyes and no longer an annoyance in my life”

As I mentioned above how much I love baskets – listed below are a few of my favorites that I would have loved to have added to their space if it wasn’t for our wonderfully below freezing Wisconsin weather. 😅

What’s your favorite way to declutter a junk space in your house? I would love to hear! Thanks for reading!


Lexi Secor |


Organizing Your Linen Closet | Organization | Lexi Secor |

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    I lOved this! It was so satiafying for mE visually, i would have organzied thE space the same way.

    i also reorganize my own home often in little bits and pieces and i absolutely love baskets and cute boxes, etc.


      It was such an eye sore before wasn’t it!? Baskets would have made the space but it will do for now 🙂 thanks for reading!