Hey hey! I’m Lexi – A lifestyle and organizing blogger, born & raised cheesehead with a *slight* vulgar mouth now residing in a teeny tiny studio apartment in Milwaukee living off of pasta sides, dry shampoo, and boxes of wine.

After scrolling through a video that was posted on my Facebook feed, I came to the conclusion that I am what is called a “introverted extrovert”  with a love of dogs, reading, the beach, hanging with little kiddos (I’m a nanny, I swear this isn’t weird), my adorable niece, Marlee, and my extremely comfortable bed.


A few interesting facts about me:

⋅ After a mimosa-filled Sunday Funday I more times than not end up getting a random tattoo

⋅  My boyfriend, Taylor, and I have been together for 6 long years!

⋅  I absolutely hate the sound of styrofoam – it’s like nails on a chalkboard

⋅  I’ve been a nanny for the same amazing family for 4 years, seriously don’t know how I got so lucky

⋅  I’m a sucker for notebooks – I seriously cannot walk through Target without buying a new one

⋅  Liane Moriarty is my favorite author – if you need a great book to check out I recommend What Alice Forgot

⋅  I’m a nervous nail biter (gross, I know)

⋅  And, I love, love, love to travel


Throughout my high school career I visited family and friends in Milwaukee. Once I was getting closer to deciding where to attend college, I knew this is where I wanted to be. For my first year, I moved into a house with three of my besties.

After only THREE MONTHS of living there I was only speaking to one of them. To this day I still only have one remaining bestie. Fast forward four years of bouncing around different apartments that brought me to my little cove I like to call “a box.”

I love my studio and having a space to completely, and *cue the 100 emoji*, call my own. I like to think I have a knack for organizing and putting random shit in random places and making it look awesome. Living in a box sure does make it a challenge – that I have accepted.


This lifestyle blog was created to help any one who is looking to gain some insight and tips on organizing their space. With a side of affordable home décor, hand-lettering, relationships, traveling, productivity, and other things that I hope you find interesting!

Do you have any questions, ideas, or just wanna chat? Feel free to reach out to me here!