Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

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Aside from each person’s unique home, a gallery wall is a special, personalized touch – they display personal family photos, meaningful memories, things they enjoy, or any other knick-knacks they wanna throw in the mix just for the hell of it. Listed below are four simple steps you can take for making sure your gallery wall turns out as perfect as you envisioned!

Tip 1: Find Pieces that Represent YOU

Your favorite trip? Hometown? Picture of your favorite memory with your besties or family? Incorporate the important pieces that make up who you are for everyone to see.

For example, I have the “East Side Milwaukee” print because I lived on the east side throughout my undergrad and a photo of my doggie that passed away with a jar of her ashes.

Tip 2: Arrange and Lay Out Your Pieces Before Nailing

Don’t make the same mistake I did and just start nailing everything to the wall where you *think* it might look good and hope for the best. I promise, you’ll end up with a lot of holes in the wall and a very irritated father when moving day comes around and he’s spent an hour plastering over them.

Lay out all your pieces on the floor to rearrange and get the perfect set up before you nail those suckers to the wall. I stumbled across these layout ideas from Decorated Life for inspiration on how I wanted my wall to look.

Tip 3: Add Some DIY

Adding a DIY project to the wall just adds an even more “homey” feeling and honestly, who doesn’t love a good DIY project find?

I know I do… even more so when it turns out just the way I wanted. I created the shape of Wisconsin out of wine corks and my newly added “home sweet home” wooden chalk plaque (shown in the Pinterest link below!)

Tip 4: Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

Of course, similar color schemes and items are always a good combo but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

This wall is about YOU and represents all things you love. Do whatever the heck you wanna do with it!

Cork Wisconsin Close up Gallery Wall RIP Jerzee If you have nothing to do, don't do it here

I have about 5 walls in my teeny studio where I am able to hang things on – and now that I think about it – I have wall art on almost every single one of them.

Each wall does have something close to heart with me hanging on it, but this was my biggest gallery project and each item has a special meaning.

Looking at this wall gives me a peace of mind and I am very proud of the way that it all came together. Listed below are links or similar items to what all makes up my gallery wall. All items are at affordable prices for those of you who are like me and are ballin’ on a budget.

What are you unique adds or inspirations for your gallery wall/s? Share them below!




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9.37ft “starry lights” with remote control – stainless steel wine rack – “East Side Milwaukee” print – small wall clock – throw pillow covers – short black shelf – “L” marquee light up letter – black futon – multiple photo frame

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