DIY Pantry Labels – Free Printable

When I bought the assorted glass jars for my pantry, I knew eventually I wanted to add on some hand lettered labels. I have always loved a good DIY project, especially one where I can incorporate some of my own handwriting into it and this project was a real winner.

DIY Pantry Labels | Organization | Lexi Secor |

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I always just wrote on my jars, mugs, plates, etc. with a sharpie and plopped it in the oven the old fashion way but after several scrubs and washes the writing always wore off. I finally bit the bullet and bought a Cricut Explore which may or may not be my new favorite thing in the whole world.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to make your own pantry labels (or any other type of label for that matter!) with this handy-dandy machine.

Craft Remedy was the ultimate go-to with how-to’s on using the Cricut machine, using vinyl, and a lot more other useful tips and tricks that were so helpful during the trail runs of this new-found crafty-DIY-love of mine.

Materials you’ll need for this project:

Cricut Explore Air 2

Transfer paper

Black Vinyl


Glass jars of your choice

Cricut cutting tools (optional)

*Note, Cricut has a wide variety of products available through their website. Amazon is just always my first choice when looking to order something online.

Through Cricut’s Design Space you have the option to create your design using a font or literally any design they have available but in my case – I wanted to use my own writing.

First, you’ll need to snap a pic of your word or image that you plan to use. I personally use AdobeCapture (free in the app store!) and save it to my camera roll and then shoot it on over to my computer using Airdrop.

Next, in Cricut’s DesignSpace you’ll upload your own image and void out the areas around the lettering and the little “holes” like in A’s or O’s. Once that step is completed all you need to do is resize the writing based on the type of jars you have and viola!

Load the vinyl into the machine and let it do it’s magic (and all the hard work) for you!

DIY Pantry Labels | Organization | Lexi Secor |

You’ll next peel the vinyl off and “weed” out the small spaces using a scissors (or the cricut tools but I’m an “instant gratification” type person and didn’t have time to wait until I ordered the tools). And I’ll be honest, scissors worked just fine. Just bend the paper back a wee bit and it peels off nice and easy.

DIY Pantry Labels | Organization | Lexi Secor |

Once peeled, I cut each word out separately to make it easier to maneuver and apply the transfer paper – you’ll need to have each word separate anyways so it’s really up to you when you want to cut them into individual parts!

Peel the backing off the transfer paper and you are ready to apply it to your jar! The lines on the transfer paper made it easy to line it up evenly.

DIY Pantry Labels | Organization | Lexi Secor |

Yes, wine included and yes, I’ve been working on my floor. The biggest open space I have in this tiny little box.

One recommendation: cut little slits into the transfer tape for any item you plan to use on a rounded area. The mason jars that I have a few items in like quinoa and rice it was pretty difficult to keep it from creasing but the slits drastically helped!

I’m obsessed with the final product. My next project using the cricut machine will be making labels for my glass spice jars! I can’t wait to get started! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

DIY Pantry Labels | Organization | Lexi Secor |

What project are you working on right now or just recently finished? Share below!

I’ve included a free PDF printable of my hand lettered pantry labels! Click HERE to download.




DIY Pantry Labels | Organization | Lexi Secor |

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    Clearissa Coward

    Love these. I love a DIY too.

    Clearissa Coward

    Your handwriting is like art. I love the labels.