How to Create A Useful Coffee Nook

Ah, coffee. The fuel to get one through the day until it’s time for wine. Or we can just pretend to go with that because I have definitely dabbled in wine well before the appropriate time 😉

How to Create a Useful Coffee Nook | Organizing | Lexi Secor |

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Before I even moved into my studio apartment I was already trying to wrap my head around how in the hell I was going to be able to fit all of my stuff in to one obnoxiously small space. Seriously, I was obsessing over it – but I’m not too sure whether or not it was really that bad because I love having an excuse to buy new home decor.

Mind you, I only glanced at this space once with someone else’s stuff laid out so I had a skewed idea of where I would put all my stuff and was a bit mistaken once all my boxes were moved in. BUT my coffee nook was definitely one spot I got right on the money maker.

Tip 1: Be Practical

Buying something that is going to have more than one purpose

This “cutting board” rolling microwave table was the most perfectly perfect fitting piece of furniture and was exactly what I envisioned for my coffee nook. Aside from being just the style I was looking for, it had plenty of storage for all of my other kitchen gadgets that had no home considering the lack of cabinet space – it even has 4 mug hooks on the side!

Tip 2: Utilize Your Wall Space

Using the space on the walls to hang storage pieces is a great alternative and keeps the counter tops from getting too cluttered.

My last apartment’s kitchen also lacked in space so my boyfriend and I went and hit up IKEA and splurged. These two rails and hooks were awesome for hanging coffee mugs and of course IKEA displayed them perfectly (yas, I realize I’ve been saying perfect a lot but I am forreal). I have a *slight* obsession with adorable coffee mugs, so I like to rotate them out every so often.

Tip 3: Think Outside the Drawer

Get creative with your space! There is no rule in the kitchen organizing/utensil placing manual that says your silverware needs to be stuffed away in a drawer.

I’ll admit, at first I hated not having a drawer in my kitchen big enough to put a silverware organizer in. It bothered me so much but I had to build a bridge and get over it and figure out a different way. You can also see that I hang my silverware, which I’ve actually grown to prefer more than a drawer.

To me, the cup holder looks like it should be holding a plant or something but totally works for my silverware purpose.

Tip 4: Make it Cute and Fun to Look At

It’s so much more appealing to look at items in cute jars or baskets rather than the cardboard box or bag that you bought them in.

Keeping the k-cups in a cute oval container I found lying around was so much better than just having the boxes just hang out and clearly I had no room for the cool Keurig K-cup rotating holder. But, I do love the way it turned out!

I also have two jars, that are no longer available at Target where I got them but here are some similar, on the other side of my keurig, one holding individual creamers and one full of suga.

Tip 5: Add a Personal Touch

One of my long-time, pain-in-the-ass, favorite kiddos from my old elementary school job of 4 years, made this clay piece of art shaped like the “starbucks lady” because she said it reminded her of me so much.

Kids, I tell ya, they sure know how to pull on those heart strings! Each time I brew a cup of coffee, I think of her and all the great memories I had at that school!

Whether the space your working with is big or small, I think it just makes the room stand out more to have your items displayed, plus it is so convenient to just look up and grab the mug I want rather than digging in a cabinet for it.

What is your favorite way to display your coffee addiction? Share below!




How to Create a Useful Coffee Nook


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