How to Organize Your Tiny Cabinets

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment before, you know how much they lack in cabinet space. (or all space for that matter).

In comparison to the tiny studio I’m now living in, my last apartment ranked #1 on the list of apartment’s with zero kitchen storage space.

I just started shoving and stacking plates and coffee mugs and glasses wherever they would fit which was such a terrible and annoying idea looking back. I couldn’t reach anything when I wanted it or had to constantly take everything out – and both were a pain in the arse.

In my current apartment I had to get a little creative or at least put things away effectively. Although I still do have to take some stuff out once in a while to reach the back, it’s not as frequent and it’s not as messy.

Wine glasses: Alternate stacking

How to Organize Your Tiny Cabinets | Organization | Lexi Secor |

This is key to making the most of all that tiny space. Although it doesn’t quite work for regular drinking glasses – it sure does make a difference with the wine glasses in being able to fit more. Plus you can easily see all of them!

I have a plethora of wine glasses that I have on a shelf that I will touch on in another post on how I display my favorites 😉

Water Bottles: Line ‘em up – tallest to the back

I’ve always wanted to try the magazine holder technique where they are stacked on top of one another, like they are in this blog here, but I had one big problemo that wouldn’t be solved with this technique: they are all different shapes and they wouldn’t fit in the magazine holder.

I condensed my collection down to 5 so they just fit in one line along the side of the cabinet. Does one really need 90 water bottles? No – especially one who lacks in the drinking water department (I’m workin’ on it). Toss those suckers out.

Plates, bowls, cups, & coffee mugs: Stack ‘em up

How to Organize Your Tiny Cabinets | Organization | Lexi Secor |

Generic, first-thought strategy for all – but hey, most of the time it works. Smaller glasses to the front and bowls/plates stacked on top of one another. Nothing cool and fancy about this one.

Behind my spice jars (which I will talk about in a later post!), I have a basket that holds the smaller and less frequented items such as sprinkles, extra food that didn’t fit in the jars, vegetable oil, birthday candles… things like that. I didn’t like that all of the stuff I didn’t use very often getting messy and all over the place in the back of the shelf so what better solution than to use a basket (which I clearly have an endless amount).

Dry Goods

I traded all the ugly looking pasta and rice boxes for these super cute assorted sized glass jars from Target. (Have I mentioned how much I freakin’ love jars and baskets?) The height difference and the glass allows you to be able to see whatcha got in the back and how much of each item you have left.

How to Organize Your Tiny Cabinets | Organization | Lexi Secor |

I know I have a problem with Knorr Rice/Pasta sides… I just can’t help it. They are so good. Please don’t judge 😛

We can’t all live in fabulously large home with a giant kitchen and endless space so for now, this will do.

What’s one technique or trick you use to keep your cabinets from getting cluttered? Share below!



How to Organize Your Tiny Cabinet | Organization | Lexi Secor |


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