2018 Business & Personal Goals

Although sometimes it’s hard to set goals for the new year and stick with them for longer than three months (I’m very guilty of this), I still think it’s important to have some in mind. Having goals set will allow for me to grow both personally and in my business and blog to be able to achieve the bigger goal that I have for my future.

2018 Business & Personal Goals | Lifestyle | Lexi Secor | lexisecor.com

Business & Blog Goals:

Create and follow through with a blogging schedule and post more frequently and consistently

I am in the middle of designing a blogging schedule plan to give myself an organized idea of what I want to post about so I can better plan and stress over it.

Design and add at least 5 new items to my online shop, Brenner Place, each month

I plan to reach out to our audience, such as Instagram polls, and gain their opinions on what designs they would like to see (and buy!) and design items revolved around that.

Build a newsletter to go with each new blog post and send it out to my subscribers the day before the blog post will be published

For some reason this has been the biggest struggle I’ve had since starting my blog – I just can’t get started. This month I plan to get my ass in gear, create a newsletter through Mailchimp to send out before each post.

2018 Business & Personal Goals | Lifestyle | Lexi Secor | lexisecor.com

Personal Goals:

Continue to practice on my lettering/calligraphy skills and to ‘stop comparing myself to people on the internet’ like Jenna Kutcher would say.

Practice. Practice. Practice. On top of practicing, I plan to put my big girl pants on and put myself out there more by displaying and promoting more of my work and offering services to potential clients.

Dedicate more of my time to LESS screen time

The first thing I do in the morning or before going to bed should not be revolved around my phone whether it’s checking emails, online browsing, social media scrolling, etc. I plan to dedicate more of my time to self-care activities such as reading a good book, practicing my lettering, yoga, and journaling.

Learn how to have a more positive and supporting attitude when it comes to myself and my work, and literally everything else 

I caught myself mid-yell at a car that kept stepping on their brake in front of me and then stopped to turn without their blinker saying “you know there are such things as blinkers YOU FU-beautiful person you!!!!!!”

This one may be a doozie, but I’ll giver my best shot.

2018 Business & Personal Goals | Lifestyle | Lexi Secor | lexisecor.com

Towards the end of 2017, I felt a bit (or a lot) lost. I struggled with deciding what it is I want to do, what I should be doing, what mom, dad, or grandparents want me to be doing, etc. 2018 is going to be the year I fill in all the pieces to my future puzzle.

One way I plan to keep myself accountable with these goals is with the help of Kaela Gedda and her group, the Lucrative Lady Bosses. She created to help ladies (and gents!) to live their best life and give tools to succeed in whatever the heck it is they are working towards.

What are different ways you are keeping yourself accountable for your goals and aspirations this year? I would love to hear 🤗


2018 Business & Personal Goals | Lifestyle | Lexi Secor | lexisecor.com


2018 Business & Personal Goals | Lifestyle | Lexi Secor | lexisecor.com


Images are free stock photos from www.twigypost.com


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    these are fantastic goals! im also workin on the comparing my lettering work to others mindset. easier said than down, but if you focus on your own work, their start to become less of it. 🙂 YOU GOT THIS!


      Thanks Christine! Absolutely easier said than done but we both got this!


    Love your goals babe! It’s so damb easy to start cOmparing your work to others oNline & it can be hard to stop – thats deFinitely one of my goals this year too x


      Thanks Angela! It sure is a tough one when you see all the amazing work others are doing but it’s also a good reminder that everyone is unique and has their own style! Just gotta keep remembering that one 😉

    Aly Hester

    I absolutely love jenna kutcher too! These goals are on point for 2018! my favorite is being more positive. It is so easy to be hard on ourselves and not see the greatness that we truly are as women. Keep it up, I am sure 2018 will be an amazing year for you!


      She’s so awesome, isn’t she!? Positivity is definitely one I need to work on for 2018 – it seems like it’s a lot easier to get down on yourself than be your best supporter. Thanks for reading 🙂 Hope 2018 is an amazing one for you too!


    I love your goal of sending out a blog newsletter! Your post makes me want to get started and grow my blog! And your personal goal of “not comparing yourself to others” is something I should work on as well. Thanks for the post!


      Thanks for reading, Anna! I don’t know why I’m struggling so dang hard on the newsletter! Just gotta get it started already! I wish you nothing but success with growing your blog 🙂


    Great post! I have similar goals as well. Getting your ass in GEar is the hard part lol. Business, life and blogging, not enough time in my world lol but will make itball happen anyway! Good to you!


      Thanks, Kelly! Yes getting your ass in gear and focused is definitely a big part of the struggle. Just gotta get it over with and get started! Thanks for reading 🙂


    I feel the same way about less screen time. Sometimes I get so lost in social media I feel like I forget to live life.

    great Goals!


      Screen time is the worst! I have this free app called “Moment” that tells me each day how much time I spend on my phone. It even knows how many times you pick it up!! It is almost disgusting how much time I spend on it – gotta cut that out ASAP! Thanks for reading 🙂